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All About ME: Moods and Energy

An Essential Skills Group for Teen
Laura Doerflinger, MS, LMHC
Ken Drummy, MSW, LICSW

Teenagers, ages 14-17, who are sick of up and down moods, too little or too much energy, not enough focus or control, want to end relationship drama—this group is designed for you. Using music, movies, and contemporary media, we explore your world and the challenges you face. We work together as a group to find solutions, learn and share skills, and support changes. If your moods and energy conditions have caused you problems with your happiness, school performance, family-functioning, and/or social connections, join us to personally design a new tomorrow.

Topics covered:

1: YOU’RE SO EMO! Identifying emotions in yourself and others.
2: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Evaluating what needs to change and how.
3: Nothing to Worry about? Determining the validity of one’s worries.
4: Mind Over Matter… Differentiating distorted thoughts from realistic thoughts.
5: What’s Real? Untwisting one’s thinking.
6: Who am I? Discovering what makes one unique.
7: Speak up! Learning how to communicate.
8: The Matrix! Understanding one’s brain.
9: Free Will! Choosing The Life You Want to Live!
10: Drama and Relationships: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This group offers teens the opportunity to identify with others, be heard, discuss ideas and concepts, learn skills, and consciously plan a more satisfying life. This group is founded upon research-proven skills that aid in changing moods and energy. By the end of the year, motivated members will be better able to identify, articulate, and skillfully cope with their mood and energy challenges.

This group meets on Thursdays at 7-8:15 pm most weeks of the school year starting late September and ending in early June. Members make a monthly commitment thus they can join at anytime throughout the year. We do not reimburse for missed classes. Each session is $65. Some insurance companies reimburse for group counseling. Receipts will be provided for insurance purposes. Monthly session must be paid for at the beginning of each month. Original sign up costs $100. Full attendance is recommended for best results. Class size: 10 Counselors/Facilitators: 2

If you would like more information or to register for this group, please contact either Ken or Laura and let them know you are calling about the teen group.

Ken Drummy, LICSW at 425-895-7295 or

Laura Doerflinger, MS, LMHC at 206-300-2550 or